Facts about Nylon

Why choose Nylon?

When it comes to strength nothing beats nylon. Nylon was used for parachutes and ropes during World War II, so it’s strong and durable. Nylon is also well known for its ability to stretch without breaking and return to its original shape.

Nylon vs. Polyester

Nylon elongates up to 40% or more before breaking compared to polyester which has elasticity of only about 20%. Polyester also shrinks with heat. This means the same size nylon bag can hold more material without breaking open when pressure is applied. Although polyester is less expensive, nylon is safer and tends to be more durable.

What about Silk?

The cost of raw silk is 10-15 times higher than nylon. This would make a $10 item cost $100-150!! When you see “silk” mesh out there on the market, it is very likely a synthetic version of silk (polyester or nylon). Because polyester mesh is widely used for silk-screening, many manufacturers will call their polyester or nylon mesh “silk”, but it is synthetic, not a natural fiber.

Stainless steel makes sense right?

In theory, yes. It is widely used for food-based applications and can withstand a very high amount of heat. We tested stainless and found a significant negative impact on yields.

Is Nylon safe?

Nylon is considered one of the safest plastics when it comes to products for health and human consumption. It has been approved by the FDA for use in food, cooking and hygiene products. Nylon is used for surgical sutures, toothbrush bristles, food wrappers, turkey bags, and even bags used for brewing actual tea!

While some materials outgas toxic chemicals when heat is applied, the main compounds off-gassed by nylon are H2O and CO2 (Beyler, C.L. and Hirschler, M.M. (2002) Thermal Decomposition of Polymers). This is why you don’t need to worry about nylon contaminating your pressed rosin. Our nylon has a high melting point of 430ºF (220ºC). As long as the proper amount of heat (we recommend 180-240ºF) and pressure is used, nylon is a safe medium to pass through and will not contaminate the material with toxins or residues.

Rosin Evolution bags are made of high temp food grade dye-free nylon. All of our materials have been independently lab tested to ensure they meet FDA Code of Federal Regulations (Title 21: Nylon resins) for food contact safety. We are committed to providing the highest quality product for the lowest possible price.

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