The Bryantist Tool Kit – Limited Edition


This tool kit was custom designed by @thebryantist.

Includes complimentary 1 hour consultation with @thebryantist.

Award winning consistencies can be achieved whether you are a beginner or a pro with this MVP set of tools!

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Would you like consultation time with @thebryantist?

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This tool kit was custom designed by @thebryantist. He is a professional extractor and post processor with over a decade of experience working in the California market with ice water and rosin processing. He has evolved with the industry and tailored his tools every step along the way.

These are his curated MVP tools. He and his team use them on a daily basis to extract and process large scale batches into award winning consistencies.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the is kit has everything you need to tackle any consistency. These specialty tools will help cut down the learning curve and elevate your tech.


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