Speed Loader (for 2″ bags)


Rosin Bag Loader – designed to fit material into our 2″ nylon screen bags.

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These custom bag loaders are sized to fit our 2″ screen bags. This mold is a simple yet effective method of quickly loading material into the bags before pressing.

Recommended bag size: 2″ x 3″

About the bags:
The bags are 2″ x 3″, inside-out stitching, dye-free, food-grade and rated to 430ºF/220ºC (375ºF is maximum recommended)..

For best results, we recommend loading between 5-7g of material. Simply insert the tube into the bag, seam first, fill the tube, then use the plunger to compress the material. Any table top can be used as a compression surface. Use the plunger to push the compressed material into the bag. Keep the bag in an upright position when pressing.

Made in USA.

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