Press Bags – 90 micron (2″x9″)

Rosin Press Bags – Nylon mesh filter bag for flower or fine material

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The 90 micron size can be used for flower or finer material

Dimensions: 2 inches x 9 inches

  • 100% Nylon mesh
  • Dye-Free, Food-Grade
  • Durable, Washable, Reusable
  • Heat resistant (up to 430°F/220ºC)

Rosin Evolution bags are designed to withstand heat and pressure. Each bag will hold 30-40g and is turned inside out for maximum yield. For best results, aim for 1000-1500psi and limit each bag to 40g of material. The bags will not melt until about 430°F/220ºC, but we recommend 180-240ºF (82-115ºC).


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