Press Bags – 25 micron (1.75″x4″)

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Nylon mesh filters – 25 micron – The highest filtration possible. Ideal for sift or fine material.


25 micron: The highest filtration possible using nylon mesh. Ideal for sift, bubble or fine material.

Dimensions: 1.75 inches x 4 inches

  • 100% Nylon mesh
  • Dye-Free, Food-Grade
  • Durable, Washable, Reusable
  • Heat resistant (up to 430°F/220ºC)

Rosin Evolution bags are designed to withstand heat and pressure. Each bag will hold 10-15g and is turned inside out for maximum yield. For best results, aim for 1000-1500psi and limit each bag to 15g of material. The bags will not melt until about 430°F/220ºC, but we recommend 180-240ºF (82-115ºC).

The 25 micron bag is the best choice for dry sift, bubble, or other concentrates. This bag also has a custom seam specially designed to contain the fine particles and prevent blowouts.

1 review for Press Bags – 25 micron (1.75″x4″)

  1. CannaHope (verified owner)

    I had gotten these for pressing hash. I have tried coffee filters.. other no name brands.. and the quality put into these comparatively goes beyond! I am very happy with the purchase and look forward to using them again and again. And if or when I need more I will definitely buy more! Don’t waste time with a small deal on Amazon. These guys are the real deal and unlike others they are serious bout what they do shipping them out fast no need to wait till other companies get round to it. Props and all my respect to Rosin Evolution!

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